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About Us

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Our Mission

Maxwell Financial Services aim to provide our clients with all the business support and services that they need to create an efficient, professional, and reliable process for them to be able to operate their investments with ease and enable them to focus on what's important --- growing a profitable and stable investment.

Our mission is to provide you with strong and secure operations. At Maxwell Financial Services you can be sure that your investments are secure. We make sure that multiple checks are conducted each and every day to ensure that your investments are protected and all accounts are completely secure. Our business continuity and financial stability is rock-solid and keeps getting better with age. Maxwell Financial Services continue to create a positive, professional, and secure environment for our clients and industry partners.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help our clients with their day to day operations with our modern technology platform. We want our clients to have peace of mind to enable their advisors to present and give advice with full confidence, creating a strong and trustworthy advisor and client relationship. Maxwell Financial Services have acquired now over 11 companies, all of which offer the best products, services and technologies. Our acquisition strategy is to employ highly disciplined and focused entities to ensure investment success.

Our Management team each has an average of over 25 years of financial services experience in clearance & settlement, broker-dealer operations, custody, trade processing technologies and client services. They are dedicated to your success.

We are an independent clearing firm that offers full and complete services to all our clients. We are focused on our clientele’s success, ensuring that the broker-dealer relationship is prioritized.

As we are centered in your success, you can trust our team to always be honest with all our services to ensure that you are secure and protected in all your transactions. As a firm that believes in teamwork our service offerings and partnerships from global industry providers gives our clients everything they need to operate with the newest advancements in the financial services industry.

Our firm offers a flexible, customizable platform with a vast range of services dedicated to empowering our clients to grow their business with a simplified and clear process that's custom fed and developed for their business model.

Rooted on our expert knowledge and understanding of the financial services. industry, Maxwell Financial Services has been helping investment and financial firms of all types for more than 40 years. We have been in the industry long enough to know what works, and what doesn't. We make sure that our services are in tune with the modern-day technologies, and compliant to all broker-investor regulations required. We believe that giving our clients access to advanced technology solutions will enable them to boost their firm's productivity.

We firmly believe that our main role is to provide our clients strong and reliable support in all the fields they need to help them build, between their advisors and clients. When your clients succeed, you succeed and we succeed.

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